New York, NY, June 21, 2016 – Paracon Group, Inc., a business transformation firm that uses knowledge automation and advanced analytics powered by Expertool, leadership was featured on "The Bubba Show" on  

Brian Andreatta, Managing Partner, and Alan Hofman, SVP Business Development and Strategic Financing, appeared with Todd "Bubba" Horowitz, host of "The Bubba Show".  Brian and Alan focused on how Paracon is helping midsize and large companies identify problems before it's too late.  These firms, many times, don't even know they're leaking and the Paracon team is the one to point out the issues they are facing.  

How does Paracon accomplish this?  Through its innovative Expertool based solutions. Expertool enables Paracon's expert team to analyze the people, process and technology aspects of the organization quickly. We rapidly document and understand our client's business processes and identify opportunities to improve those processes through automated tools. Paracon delivers solutions that streamline operations while enforcing quality and compliance standards.

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Paracon Group, Inc., founded in 2010 and headquartered in New York with additional offices in Illinois, Indiana and Connecticut, provides next generation business intelligence, technology and expertise to numerous industries and consultancies across the United States.  Knowledge Engineering services are powered by Expertool, an in memory analytics and universal modeling platform coupled with innovative knowledge automation mapping methodology and technology.  Forensic Audit services focus on traditional forensic accounting services and specialized health plan audits using the full power of ERISA and the ACA. Project management staffing and consulting expertise services provide co-sourcing or outsourcing for temporary or full-time staffing needs.   See more information at