Agile Business Transformation...delivered

Paracon's Advanced Analytics and Knowledge Automation Practice brings next generation business intelligence and technology to your organization. Wherever it is that you have knowledge and complexity issues, that’s where we can help. We help our clients rapidly document and understand their business processes and identify opportunities to improve those processes using automated tools. We deliver solutions that streamline operations while enforcing quality and compliance standards.  

Expertool, our in memory analytics and universal modeling platform, coupled with innovative knowledge mapping methodology enable discovery and automation not previously possible with traditional solutions.

Evidence Discovery Intelligence

How do we compress the time element to deliver you imperative business knowledge?  Using the automation embedded in Expertool we can:

  • Display common factors
  • Identify unique values
  • Import relational data and rationalize schemas
  • Identify and link potentially relevant data
  • Narrow by multiple parameters
  • Create categories by substrings in text fields
  • Links and relationships adjust as data changes (explore and test aggregation rules and alternatives)

Others sell you artificial INTELLIGENCE.  We're delivering it.   

Our combination of knowledge automation and advanced analytics enables our Knowledge Engineering experts.  Our delivery platform, Expertool,. chosen over IBM Watson and Wolfram Alpha for the Material Genome project, provides the advanced modeling and analytics you need.  

Paracon uses a toolset and a service methodology for creating customized solutions. Wherever it is that you have knowledge and complexity issues, that’s where we can help. We help our clients rapidly document and understand their business processes and identify opportunities to improve those processes using automated tools. We deliver solutions that streamline operations while enforcing quality and compliance standards. 

Using Expertool, our proprietary knowledge engineering platform, we provide the talent and the technology to transform processes, enhance outputs and generate results—with proven gains on efficiency and timeliness over our competitors

  • Transforming data and content into insights and evidence 
  • Capturing knowledge and expertise in a computable form as an organizational asset 
  • Automating complex knowledge-worker processes

Our Knowledge Engineering methodology and technology have evolved since 1996, addressing real-world complexity through solution delivery to global enterprise, academia and government. Paracon's innovation applies advances in biomimetic robotics and cognitive science to business technology and new methods.      

Building Intelligent ANALYTICs Capabilities

Data is useless without the skills to analyze it.  Paracon's modeling and analytics platform and expertise will enable your employee's innovation, insight and business value.

While certain models may be pre-populated with proprietary or public domain content, the primary sources of data are from flat file outputs from the client's systems.  The schemas from the source systems are replicated in the Expertool model, and then the data is imported without scrubbing.  

The model content is integrated and rationalized by a combination of:

  • Automated and manual processes
  • Standard and proprietary methods
  • Subject Matter Expert input

As long as the schemas remain stable, the data can be updated from comprehensive or delta data files using a wizard or by automated feeds via the API as follows:

  • Refresh the content
  • Add new rows to tables

If the schema changes, a modeling specialist needs to make the adjustments.

Large Global Organization, Mid-Sized Regional or Local Business

...we can help you

Our agile solutions work in all sized organizations.  Fortune 1000 organizations can experience solutions that the traditional large consultancies can't deliver (unless they're already embedding our solutions in their service offerings).  Plus in smaller organizations, we can bring you proven experience and methodologies that have worked in larger global organizations, now sized to your business. The best of both worlds.  

Solution Deployment

Models are constructed in agile iterations. The iteration is the prototype, built using sample core data and implementing one or more key functions.  Generally, the prototype is scoped to enable project sponsors to visualize how the critical success factors and the fundamental business case will be achieved.  Typically, the prototype is delivered in 2-3 weeks.

The primary output of the platform is a "model" - a flat file with all the content, links, rules, settings, formulas, and any other specific criteria necessary.  The Expertool viewer is required to utilize the model uses in memory analytics to build the neural network.  The viewer license is included in the first knowledge engineering project.  Using the viewer the user can dynamically explore the data, perform complex analyses and simulations, provide expert input and generate reports for users and management.  Alternatively, the models can be deployed on a .NET server, allowing other applications to access the implemented use cases.  

Advanced modeler software is sold separately from the viewer license.

Our Business Solutions create efficiency through knowledge automation.  

  • Capture and synthesize expertise across the organization
  • Cross analyze people, process, technology, regulations & policies
  • Discover gaps in risk, control, process and policy coverage
  • Reengineer operations with a unified vision and deployment
  • Agile adaptability of business solutions
  • Efficient and dynamic results

Agile Integration and Transformation

Our integration and transformation efforts quickly identify issues between current operations as supported by the legacy systems and capabilities of new enterprise systems. This early warning gives business units time to address the issues and gaps. hands-on responsibility for software development activities from defining the business case, to specification and design, to testing, training and deployment. 

We help business and technology teams responsible for analyzing current operations or those responsible for adding new business units to enterprise systems by mapping business unit concepts, processes and legacy system data to the concepts, processes and codes implemented in the enterprise system. Unlike traditional data-driven implementation that—at best—gets completed at the last minute, our services deliver business value by improving the mapping, reducing time-to-value for the investment in enterprise systems, and by identifying business unit processes that should be promoted across the enterprise.

Reduced Risk

  • Rules driven risk assessment maintains consistency and reduces resource requirements
  • Simple web interface promotes use across company
  • Automated regulatory mappings eliminate gaps created by human error – see what others can’t see

Reduced Cost of Upkeep

  • Automated tracking of change impacts significantly reduces gap and remediation plan maintenance resource requirements – SOX and other similar tasks can be automated
  • Expertool platform intelligence enables agile and low cost maintenance of control objectives and requirements

Leverage Our Experience

  • Millions of dollars saved and hundreds of SME’s involved in the learning and decision processes that we supported and enabled at both large and small enterprises
  • Significant elements of our knowledge are captured in our software for reuse