Our mission statement is simple - "Providing next generation business intelligence, technology and expertise to our clients"

It's different here... We differ in how we approach and design our projects. We believe your business is our business. No surprises with open, honest and direct communication… ALWAYS. We listen and we deliver. STRATEGIC THOUGHT LEADERSHIP. Buzzwords that to us mean we are always looking out to help your firm reach higher. It is prevalent in all that we do. When are "best practices" not the right practices? To us best practices means we'll deliver a workable, practical and cutting edge solution that's right for YOU. Experience matters. We'll make sure that our professionals have the right skills & experience to your needs. The leadership group averages over 20 years of experience and our associates come from many "name" private industry and public accounting firms.

Russell Safirstein

Managing Partner - Co-Founder

Russell Safirstein has over 25 years experience in the Finance and Audit fields.  He co-founded the firm and leads the firm’s technical delivery practice and is the company’s President. Mr. Safirstein is a focused and progressive leader. Strategically focused, he has built and sustained many productive relationships across multiple business and industry lines that have proven to be instrumental in Paracon’s early growth and prosperity. As a Senior Executive with a diversified financial background, Mr. Safirstein has been the Chief Audit Executive for a number of multi-billion dollar diversified organizations within the insurance, banking and capital markets industries.

Prior to co-founding Paracon, Mr. Safirstein was the General Auditor for Liquidnet, the #1 institutional equities marketplace. As General Auditor, he created a robust and innovative Internal Audit function and partnered with the Chief Risk Officer, to develop an integrated and converged Enterprise Risk Model that delivered results and savings to the Audit Committee, management and internal audit.  For nearly five years at MetLife, he was able to collaboratively transform the internal audit organization through some innovative solutions.  A Talent Transit System allowed internal audit veterans to hone their skills in other parts of the organization, while new recruits and internal transfers reinvigorated the department with fresh ideas and expertise.  Mr. Safirstein had the responsibility to manage MetLife’s external accounting firm relationships where he was able to fine tune delivery and successfully onboard all of the Big 4 and leading consulting firms, and negotiate sizable savings for the company.   He helped to define the MetLife Project Management Office (PMO) process for their Travelers Life Insurance acquisition and used this methodology on subsequent projects relating to off shoring certain business processes to India and implementing new accounting regulations relating to fair value.   

Prior to MetLife, Mr. Safirstein was Senior Vice President & Chief Auditor for Roslyn Savings Bank, a large regional savings bank in the New York metropolitan area.  As a member of the Bank’s Executive Leadership group, he gained valuable experience in consumer and commercial banking, finance, mergers & acquisitions, IPOs, regulatory compliance and other financial service areas.  At the time of his promotion he was the youngest Chief Auditor in NYS.

He is a highly regarded and sought after speaker on leading audit and risk practices and mentors several prominent Chief Audit Executives throughout the profession.  Mr. Safirstein started his career with KPMG (Peat Marwick) in their Financial Institution practice after graduating from Adelphi University with BBA in Accounting.  

Brian Andreatta

Managing Partner - Co-Founder

Brian Andreatta has been delivering high impact quality service to his clients for over 20 years. As a seasoned business development director, he has passionately perfected the mantra that it is always about the client and their needs. Mr. Andreatta has developed a strong and loyal customer base with many of the Fortune 1000 in multiple diverse markets.  As co-founder, he provides executive and strategic leadership for the firm and leads the firm’s business development practice activities while additionally providing local service delivery for the Chicago office. Mr. Andreatta is also the interim CFO of a Paracon client named Revelation Design & Development (“RDD”). He built their entire back office and finance arm for this rapidly growing construction company. His responsibilities are Accounting, Finance, Legal, Contracting and Operational oversight for the firm. 

Prior to co-founding Paracon, Mr. Andreatta was a leading producer for ALTRAN Control Solutions, an internal audit services firm.  He was tasked with developing new business in the New York, Chicago & South Florida metropolitan areas where he successfully brought in Fortune 1000 clients to the organization.  He won several multi-million dollar engagements for the firm. Several of these contracts were the 1st multi year contracts in ALTRAN’s history and led to Mr. Andreatta being ALTRAN’s largest revenue producer in 2008 & 2009.  His ability to champion the overall efforts from contact initiation through client focused execution led to many return engagements for the firm. Prior joining ALTRAN, Mr. Andreatta set in motion his business development career at Hudson Financial, a Mid West mid tier consulting firm. 

What differentiates Mr. Andreatta from many sales professionals is that he is a true business professional.  He was co-founder and partner for Chariot Capital Advisors, a multi-disciplined arbitrage hedge fund in the Chicago market.  Mr. Andreatta helped to establish the firm from inception, where his responsibilities included raising capital, client acquisition, creating back office infrastructure and appropriate regulatory compliance for the registered investment advisory firm. 

Prior to founding Chariot, Mr. Andreatta gained important accounting and operational control processes as Chief Accounting Officer for both GMV Network and Controller for US RealTel, both leading communication organizations in the Chicago metropolitan area.  He reengineered their entire accounting operations to more efficiently manage the diverse economics associated with networked communications. 

After graduating from Governor’s State University with BS in Accounting, Brian started his career with McGladrey & Pullen in their Tax and Audit practice.  

Joe Glick

Senior Vice President, Advanced Analytics and Knowledge Automation

Joe Glick is the inventor of the Expertool Platform, and leads Paracon’s Business Transformation practice.  He has been with Paracon since 2010.  He is a multi-disciplinary methodologist who has delivered innovations for enterprise, government and academia since 1996, including five of the world’s largest financial institutions.  Achievements include a knowledge engineering project at Pfizer that won the company’s top innovation award for the sponsor, and a patentable process management solution at JPM Chase.

Mr. Glick is active as a thought leader in various fields, currently serving on the AHRQ Standards and Interoperability Framework team and the US-EU Ontology & Database Community of Research team (established 2012 by White House Office of Science & Technology Policy and the EU counterpart).

On behalf of the Nanoinformatics Society, he architected and lead the Knowledge Engineering Initiative for Computable Context Representation.  As a member of the Software & Business Methods standing committee of the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO.org), Mr. Glick lead a project to develop a methodology for identifying innovation in applications for business method patents.  The methodology was accepted by IPO, which includes the world’s largest technology companies, delivered to members as a CLE program lead by Mr. Glick.  The methodology was recommended by the IPO board to the US Patent Office and core concepts have been integrated into their process.

Alan Hofman

Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Financing

Alan Hofman has over 25 years in the finance, business development and consulting industries.  He joined Paracon in 2013 and is senior vice president of business development and strategic financing.  His responsibilities include procuring financing and developing strategic partnerships, key employee staffing and client acquisition.

Mr Hofman came to Paracon from Northbrook Capital Consulting (NCC) as its CEO, NCC specialized in business development, locating capital partners, business modeling, developing strategic partnerships and corporate staffing, as well as assisting in problem solving. NCC worked extensively in the financial, oil and gas, information technology, and clean and reusable energy industries as well as in e-commerce site development and execution.

Mr Hofman also has extensive hedge fund industry knowledge and experience, he has been managing  High Ridge Financial (HRF) since 2001.  HRF is an alternative investment hedge fund that has made investments in the oil and gas, clean/reusable energy, financial, retail and many other industries.  

Prior to HRF and NCC, Mr Hofman worked at Smith Barney rising to Sr Vice President.  He advised  institutional clients with corporate banking issues, investment portfolio planning and business development strategies.

Mr Hofman graduated from the University of Illinois in 1990 with a business degree.