Paracon Is Innovation


Paracon Is Innovation

Innovation is part of our DNA

Our agile solutions give you the answers you want in the time frame you never thought possible.  How do we do it?  Knowledge Automation - the next generation of how business gets done.

Business Transformation enabled by Advanced Analytics and Knowledge Automation

Our unique technology, Expertool, enables rapid modeling and simulation of highly complex environments using extracts of data from operational systems.  We discover what others miss.   

  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Analytics & Universal Knowledge Modeling
  • Risk Advisory, Audit & Compliance Transformation
  • Proprietary Methodology
  • Project Management, Staffing & Expertise

Vision - Transforming operations into high performing agile organizations

Strategy - Artificially intelligent modeling of strategic risks at the intersection of people, process and technology.

Experience - Engagement success across operations, processes, risk management, financial functions and information technology

Talent - Bringing subject matter expertise and abstract thinking to leading organizations.



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